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A breath of glass ...

Water, Fire, Air, Earth. From the fusion of the four ancestral elements comes the extraordinary blend of man and glass, the fascinations that this unique and mysterious material has exerted over the millennia.

Hard to say when glass has taken its noble appearance, from everyday material to artistic expression, sublime epilogue of art, culture, tradition.

We approach it with respect and almost with reverence to these brave, conscious realizations that a human breath has generated, as if an artist's glimpse of the artist was trapped in the viscosity of the material.

Guardian and perpetrator of a millennial tradition, a red thread that unites us with our ancestors, the Cenedese & Gasparini company promotes and enhances the work of Muranti Glassmasters.

We are aware that beautiful and precious works, capable of crossing indivisible modes, tastes and tendencies, represent the only possible answer to rampant standardization and witness to belonging to our values ​​and our deep roots.

We turn to sophisticated customers, able to grasp the subtle nuances and peculiarities that distinguish us.