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Mariano Moro was born in Venice on 27/09/1957 and has always lived in the small island of Burano. She starts working very young at the age of 13. His first furnace is the "Santi Cristalleria" known at the time for the production of glasses. Like so many apprentices you will migrate from factory to factory to learn different techniques and processes. In his work, he collaborates for 3 months with well-known master Ermanno Nason to stop at about 20 years old at the factory of Livio Seguso, an undisputed contemporary glass artist in Murano's history. He immediately joined the team of Elio Raffaeli, who was then a teacher at the Livio Seguso furnace and forever worked at his side. It will also follow in the posting that Elio Raffaeli, with Roberto Cammezzo and Renzo Vianello, will have from Livio Seguso in 1982, to the adventure that will be born Ars Murano sr1 "The constant supervision of the two renowned masters Roberto Cammozzo and Elio Raffaeli , Will make this boy mature in the art of solid glass.