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Romano Donà was born in Murano in 1956 in a family of centuries of experience in glass processing. He entered the oven at an early age to begin his apprenticeship with his father at F.lli Manfren Glassworks. In 1975 he started working with Master Livio Seguso with whom he continued for 20 years. Here Romano has perfected his skills, not only in meeting Seguso's needs, but thanks to collaborating with a number of artists such as Henry Mavrodin, Federico Marangoni, Mimmo Rotella and Ugo Marano. He has developed a specialty in glass sculpture and in 1987 won the Murano glass masters prize. In 1997 he started working at Romano Stefano Toso Glassworks, where he created his original pieces. He also continued collaborating with artists. This infusion of creative energy by artists such as Rodica Tanasescu, Antonio Meneghetti, Raffaele Rossi and David Farsi has helped him diversify his skills. In 2000, Silvano Belardinelli, the artistic director of a group of Japanese artists, translated the designs of several Asian glass artists. Then, in 2003, Romano started experimenting with the traditional muranese techniques of "filigree" and "incalm". His application in these secular processes seemed entirely new. He is currently collaborating with Lucio Bubacco, a lamp maker and great Italian sculptor. They are working together to combine lamp manufacturing techniques and "massive" sculpture in an attempt to produce something new.